Monday, December 12, 2005

Alli's List of You know It's Winter When....

I've got lots going on, but I'd rather share another favorite list of mine with the rest of the world. So if anyone's listening here's a short list of my favorite things that make you know it's definitely winter outside.

You know it's winter when:

1. People start falling off their roofs while trying to put up Christmas lights (wow, Jews are so smart, I guess we know better)
2. People start heading to NYC to go ice skating (such good memories of last year...)
3. You fall as you're walking up the steps into your apartment/house and you have no idea why (yeah, that black ice really sucks huh?)
4. The only thing on your stomach's mind is grilled cheese and tomatoe soup
5. When the boots come out of the closet for the first time this year
6. When you can see your breath in the air and people look at you like, "when the hell did that kid start smoking?"
7. When you flip the switch from your air conditioner to HEAT
8. When you hear your friends who moved to cold climates complain that it's always below freezing
9. You reach for your nose and you can't find it cause you have no feeling in your face
10. All you want to do is sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this one. I know, I make lists of too many things...but I thought this one was a good one to share for it being the middle of December.

Catch ya on the flip side...

Friday, November 11, 2005

This and That

Having control over your own life, making it fun, making crazy, making wild and exhausting, exhilarating, I have found my fun again. I have also found my friends again too. Helping to write a cookbook, in the middle of writing a script, figure skating on a Syncro team and doing some recreational freestyle sessions, and just hanging out with my friends again. My new job is going well and the people are fabulous. It's hard to do your job when you're working some place you hate. But when you love where you're working, things just seem to flow. I'm working in HR doing anything and everything that needs to be done. I'm learning how to run an office. My friends' lives are changing all the time, and keeping up with everybody gets more difficult. But I have to say, as you get old and life gets harder, you call your friends more and more everyday for support and guidance. Sometimes it's imperative to ask for help. And there's no shame in that.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

You'll never know unless you try

Yes I am alive, and no the Phi Beta Kappa office didn’t leave me selfless with no motivation to work. Although it was close. So here I am, on the other side of the table. I made it through an awful apartment experience, and a job that made me mostly crazy, miserable, and hoping for any type of salvation that might come my way.

The new apartment is amazing! Way to expensive, but I was already wasting my money being unhappy, and if I cannot afford to purchase anything in this city, I might as well invest in my happiness.

The apartment is like this little hotel suite. It’s got a washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and an exhaust fan in the bathroom. All my furniture fit into the apartment, and it’s very cozy. Just ask Alex’s parents who were guests of Shea Alli last week.

The new job is completely amazing. I’m being treated fantastically. The people are so nice, and the team I’m working with is just a great group of women. I am helping to head up Human Resources, starting out in the HR Assistant position. Hoping to become and expert in the field, I’m concentrating on being productive with my work day, getting my work finished promptly, and helping out in any way that’s going to make the firm more productive. This position is an organizational heaven for me. I get to touch something different everyday. My job is never the same, there is lots to do and I get to problem solve my way in and out of things. I feel important, well-liked, and capable of handling more responsibility. So it turns out that working two jobs everyday, and interviewing on my lunch break ended up being worth it in the end. You just have to try things. That’s how you know your life is real. When things are hard, when they’re difficult, and you keep testing your limits, and eventually it ends up being worth it.

Once you realize that you’re worth it, then you remember to fulfill other pieces of your life that you left behind for whatever reason. Now that I’m more relaxed and have time for myself, I have taken up two of my old hobbies. I have started skating for a second time. I was asked to join a Syncro Skating team in Maryland. It’s the most fun activity I’ve been involved in a long time. I’ve never skated like this before, unless you count the ice shows at Shaker every May for my entire childhood. Last night some of the girls from the team and myself went to a freestyle session. I landed doubles. I was spinning pretty well. I only fell once. It’s amazing how normal it felt to be back on the ice and inside my skates. We’re going to compete in Atlanta at the end of January at Easterns. How cool is that? I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on more skating events in case anyone cares to waste their weekend at a skating event.

The other hobby I started back up with is my writing. I have missed it so much. But with everything that’s been going on, I haven’t been in the right mindset to be writing. Kleinman and I are writing a script. We’re writing a comedy. Just for fun. We’re character building, and having fun playing around with the conversations and dialouge. It’s really fun throwing pieces of yourself into other people. Essentially that’s what we’re doing. We’re creating people with lives of their own, conflicts and aspirations they have in order to eventaully achieve goals. The character and the plot are coming along nicely. Thanks to a little miniscule program call “Final Draft,” I won’t have to continue formatting each line every time I’m writing a scene…thank you John, it’s not miniscule by any means. It’s the most amazing, thorough, complete, and organized writing program on the market. This program is going to allow me so much more freedom while writing. Kleinman and I have to get back to it. So email us if you’re interested. But don’t be surprised if we give you little to no details. Have to be careful with your work, cause some people are just out to get you. It’s fun, we’re having a blast, and we’re not taking it or ourselves too seriously. Sometimes you just have to take life into your own hands and make it worth something. So Kleinman and I are creating lives and hopefully making them worth reading about. Who knows, maybe this fun and games will turn into something someday. You'll never know unless you try.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finally...I'm in the home stretch

Just like my Indians, I'm coming down the home stretch, looking for the sun, the light at the end of the tunnel, some sort of indication that I'm almost finished with this endless work-day, 75 hour a week life.

I finally did it, I accepted a fabulous job, at a corporate law firm just outside the district. I'm going to be helping to head up Human Resources, and learning all about HR and it's many ins and outs.

This is my last week at Phi Beta Kappa and Palena. Soon I will be on to more opportunities that were hidden from me in all the hours I was putting in. It's like trading in the old life, for a new one. I can see my friends again, have time every night to chill out, make dinner, watch my Gilmore Girls, Law and Order, and the rest of my TV lineup. I'm going to start going out at a reasonable hour, and not having to show up at parties at 11:45pm with my change of clothes after working an 18 hour day. Hey man, if you want to see your friends, you gotta figure out a something.

Getting rid of the old jobs means bringing in the new one. I was also found by a girl my age who asked me to join their adult precision skating team out in Maryland. Practice is one night a week and I'll do one freestyle session a week, and getting back into skating was part of this "getting a new job" plan. Now I can skate, work, be with my friends, and see my boyfriend. Boy, I don't even have to tell you how excited Alex is to get his girlfriend back. You know your schedule is really bad when you're boyfriend is in law school, you're not, and your schedule is more ridiculous then his. Now that's just crazy talk.

Sorry if these updates on my life are really boring. I haven't had time to write in my journal in a while, and usually I try to save the blog for more stupid/funny/ridiculous everyday life encounters. But it is what it is.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well...It's been a year

It's already fall again. Not that anyone would be able to tell by the weather we're having. Please God, a few more days of this beautiful weather, and I'll shovel all the snow you ask of me. But once again, the weather is changing and so many other things in my life.

My perspective of this city has gone through many changes, and currently I'm feeling as though D.C. only finds a place for you if you push yourself to become part of it.

I lived with my adult cousins when I first got here. Then to an apartment that ended up becoming the worst living experience. The building I moved into was built in 1939 and the floors were never insulated. There was no carpet or sanding to redo the floors. The laminate was pealing from the moment I signed my lease. Along with cracks in the paint job all over the walls. I received noise complaints about me on nights I didn't sleep at home and while I was in Europe for part of the summer. I'm barely home and I work two jobs, so someone please explain to me why this place thought i was making the noise. So I stopped using my hairdryer and my alarm clock. I tried to never walk around in shoes. And apparently walking around in my slippers woke up the woman underneath me at 7:00am on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I refused to live like this anymore. I recently, within the past week have moved into my new building. New building, carpet, my own washer and dryer, lots of storage, and a dishwasher and garbage disposal. I'm a happy girl. I feel like my new apartment is a hotel. It's really frickin cool.

One another note...I have also taken another step in improving my work situation. I have been searching around for new jobs. I have interviewed like crazy and was finally given two offers. I needed to get out of my office and things just aren't working out there. My boss doesn't understand how to be mindful of what others are doing, and I can't work some place where people treat you like a kid instead of an employee. So I'm going to be moving into the HR field. Working as an HR associate to help thin out the work load at a prestigious law firm. I'm going to be working with tons of different things everyday, being mentored with hopes of moving up quickly. The women I'm going to be working with are great, and I'm anxious to get my feet wet.

I gave notice at the apartment, and then moved. And I got a great new job, and gave notice to quit the other two. So now I only will have to work one job. I can't wait to see my friends, relax and go to happy hour after work.

One piece of advice for other DCers...Don't run yourself down to the point where nobody wants to spend time with you. It's not worth losing your friends, family, or your mind over. It's just life and you only get to do it once. Can't live it up if you're working all the time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sports to the Endth Degree

This title really explains the craziness going on in mid September. Baseball begins to wined down, while the NFL season has just gotten underway. We have hockey schedules being posted on websites, while College football takes up every ounce of every Saturday until the beginning of winter.

This past Saturday my Sun Devils went out onto their home field and sweated and toiled until the very last play. There was amazing defense along side some amazing catches. One mistake cost Arizona State the game. But they went out there and really gave it their all. And in the end, can you really be overly pissed that ASU lost to a team that now has nowhere to practice or a home to go back to. Not so much.

My Cleveland Indians are another team working their tushies off this week. The baseball season has been one for the record books. Everyone in every division is playing extremely well this year. Even if you're team is in the NL east, even the team in last place is playing well. The NL west isn't doing that great, but they're all pretty close to each other in terms of how they're playing and their records to date. But my Tribe is on a tear. The Yankees and the A's are contenders for the wild card along side the Indians. Cleveland is up a game and a half on the A's and only one game up on the Yankees, but we're playing the A's this week. We need to keep the momentum going and win against the A's. We're six games back from Chicago in the division and the only way we're going to overcome their hitting is to beat them in the last six games which are coming up shortly. If a few other teams can put away a couple of wins against Chicago, that would really be a huge help to the Indians. If Cleveland could beat up on the A's for the next couple games, and Chicago could lose a few, we'd be in really good shape. Anything to keep the Yankees from getting into the playoffs. Other teams getting a chance to move on and move up in the eyes of baseball fans all around the country is really what's best for the game. If the Yankees keep nudging their way into the post season, it just makes every team's momentum concentrate on beating up on the Yankees. But we'll all have to keep watching to find out who gets the wild card spot. Baseball really is the all American sport which brings people together of all ages. It really is the greatest game on earth.

My Cleveland Browns lost on Sunday, hoping to bring themselves back to life this coming weekend.

Hopefully Cleveland can keep all their athletes pumped up and ready to kick a little ass. Can't kick any ass without concentration and a lot of enthusiasm. Bring on the week of Sports madness, it's time to show people why Cleveland really Rocks.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Car Repairs

You would think when you have a car that is still fairly new, that repairs and costs would be pretty minor. Nope, Wrong. I just received the phone call from the dealership with the list of replacements and costs for each one. Sometimes you just think they're trying to screw you, but I kept getting a heads up that eventually the breaks would need replacing. Along with the fluids and other such things. But it seems as though the time has come to throw all my money into the car. Check out this list. Can we say OUCH!

Timing Belt and Tensioner $725
Anti Freeze Flush $110
Battery Corrosion $48
Replacement of three belts which power the power steering, alternator and the a/c $170
Front Breaks $250
Wiper blades $45

Total $1450

Walking to work on a sunny, breezy, clear day, PRICELESS