Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The King of Pop is now the King who Dropped

Any smart individual knows that he or she cannot believe everything they read. And there will always be a devil's advocate on the other side claiming to find the opposite of whatever the media is portraying in order to remind us that there are always two sides to every story. Michael Jackson was back in the court room yesterday and the accuser's brother testified. I will not reveal the grossness of what I read in numerous articles from yesterday's testimony. However, I will advise you to pick up different papers and check out what journalists are saying about Michael Jackson. I will say in defense the devils advocate position, the mother of the accuser is crazy, she's absolutely nuts. And I do believe that she would try and convince her child to lie. But the brother will not be able to keep his story straight if he's lying and the truth will come out sooner or later. I didn't believe that Michael Jackson would do this, but I'm beginning to change my mind. Kids make up stories, but eventually they'll get them all confused and the truth will come out that Michael Jackson was inappropriate. Doesn't anyone find it strange that parents would leave their children alone with other children to play at Neverland for days at a time, let them sleepover there. It was children and then a 45 year old man hanging out together. Sleeping in kids beds, and other things too. Read as many articles as you can, inform yourself about what's going on. A man like this should not be allowed to have children or be within 20 feet of someone else’s children. Why would any parent let there child sleep over a mans house who has been accused of sexually abusing children in the past. I believe that people can change, but I would never let my kid sleep in a place where this sort of thing is going on. Michael Jackson used to be a singer, a performer, he used to make people jump out of their seats and dance till they dropped, he used to have money...he used to be a lot of things. And now, all he's got is his team of lawyers and the rights to the Beatles music. He'll never get his life back, even if they do prove him innocent.


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