Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Phi Beta Kappa Who

As some of you may know, I work for a non profit organization that is considered the most prestigious academic organization in the United States. This organization runs by way of bylaws and boards, with chapters at more than 270 Universities Nation wide. It's a three year process when applying to Phi Beta Kappa for a chapter, it's a lot of hard work and should be used in a way that looks positively on the particular university. There was a Washington Post article that came out today which tries to glorify the education and administration at George Mason University that indeed by way of nailing Phi Beta Kappa to the wall. There was an incident which has kept GMU from getting a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, which has now escalated to an even larger misrepresentation of what Phi Beta Kappa stands for. Sitting back and reading about journalist bashing your company isn't a tea party. If I was put up on the stand I would have to say that yes, the facts in the article are true, however, the article is incomplete and misrepresented. Michael Moore was supposed to come and speak that GMU, and the administration ended up pulling the deal off the table right at the last minute, and Moore did not speak to the students. Some people say it's the $35,000 that was going to be publicly funding this speech and it was too much of the school's money to spend, other people say that outside forces, people in the legislature and other aspects of politics had an influence on the decision making. Well, only those who work at Phi Beta Kappa actually know the truth, and sometimes in academia it's nice to know that the people you work for take care of your reputation. If GMU wants a chapter they better learn to let their administration handle themselves and not let outside forced wreck the experiences they could and should be having. I guess the lesson here is, don't believe everything that you read, you just might realize that you don't have all the facts.


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