Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Place to Call Home

There's something about this time of year, the air is still chilly on the face, the snow still comes down once in a while, and the grass has high hopes of growing back soon. The middle of February marks the beginning of this excitement, and as March means that our country's favorite past time is just around the corner. I'm not sure if there's a correlation between my mother's birthday and the pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training on February 15th, but for those of you who know my family know that my mother is crazy about the game. She knows all the intricacies about the teams and the players. She knows who's injured and who played poorly last year. She knows how to gang up on me with Alex and dish out some pretty heavy duty trivia questions. Plain and simple, she's a fan. Something about baseball brings friends and family together, it brings hope and enthusiasm for a dream, it brings happiness and anxiety during the playoffs. But no matter your favorite team or your eagerness to know every fact about every player that’s ever existed, if you crave baseball you have something to enjoy forever. Baseball is our country's favorite past time, and no matter who wins the NCAA basketball tournament or whose going to be number one in the NFL next year, baseball stays our favorite. America gave Baseball a home, a place where it could grow and prosper, and become great. Baseball reveals truth and hard work, it’s about going to the ballpark and eating a hotdog and drinking a beer. Baseball is about magic and about teaching your 2 year old to swing a bat that they can barely hold above their head. These game reminds us that the it is unique and historic, its about doing what people thought the Red Soxs could never do again. Some people talk about the money aspects of the game, and how players are greedier these days. Money has become an issue in the sport and I feel that baseball needs to regain its past time. Names like Wrigley Filed and Dodger Stadium, The New York Yankees and The Red Soxs, these are names with a past. The game is about history and strength, power and wisdom. If you've lost the heart throw Field of Dreams in the DVD player, it'll bring you right back to baseball's heart. Check out and read up on your favorite teams, read about your favorite players, and find in baseball what baseball found in America, a place to call home.


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