Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Scott Peterson Trial

Redwood City, California was on edge today, awaiting the death sentence for Scott Peterson. Judge Alfred A. Delucchi formally sentenced Scott Peterson to death within the next 48 hours. Laci Peterson's family was given a chance to speak in court after the sentence was given. Emotions were boiling over in the courtroom this morning. Laci's mom called her son-in-law an "evil murderer." The judged ruled that the death penalty was warranted. The court ruled that they were certain beyond a reasonable doubt that Scott Peterson is guilty of first and second degree murder. Only Laci's family was allowed to speak in court. Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson's mother addressed Scott Peterson with words of anger and frustration, "You're selfish, heartless and self-centered. You're a coward and an evil murderer." ''You decided to throw Laci and Conner away, dispose of them like they were just a piece of garbage.'' ''I would hope that you regret the choices that you made. Maybe you don't,'' Rocha said. ''Did you really hate Laci and Conner that much or did you just dislike yourself?'' Sharon Rocha along with other members of the family fought for Laci throughout the entire trial. Scott Peterson broke a family, he caused more people pain then just himself. He lied and cheated, played everyone near him for a fool...yet none of those things make him a murderer. What makes him a murderer is that he's a good enough liar to commit such a devious crime and think he could get away with it. What makes him a murderer is that Scott Peterson kidnapped his own wife and killed her and dumped her body into a lake. No emotion and no shame for what he's done, Scott Peterson chose to not say anything in court after the judge gave him permission to speak. He's a coward and he killed his wife. Maybe we'll never hear him speak publicly about the trial, but this man was proven guilty and now he's being put to death.


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