Tuesday, March 15, 2005

There's Nothin Better then Friends

This past weekend has been one of the best of all time. Theresa came to Washington to visit. Friday we road tripped to Richmond, VA and had the most wonderful time. We check out the University of Richmond law school and then spent the rest of our Friday partying and going out to eat. We found the cutest little bar with only a few tables and ordered a bottle of wine and sat there and ran our mouths off for three and a half hours. I don't think it's possible to remember how wonderful your friends are till you don't spend time with them for a while and then once you get them back, even if it's just for a few days, you realize how great they are and how you wouldn't be anywhere without them. It's amazing how the different choices place us on different paths, and the choices that we make change our direction in life and take us places that we couldn't even imagine we'd ever end up. I woke up one morning and realized that I was in Washington, DC. It's funny; we look back on where we chose to go to school and how that affected the friends that we made and friends that we lost. We all had to deal with those people from high school who got angry with us for going out of state who decided that we weren't keeping touch with. And then we wound up in a place we never thought we would and made the best friends that we will keep forever. And then there are those true friends that you grew up with who were there for you when you chose to go away for college, and they were home for you when you chose to come home and visit. Friends are tricky things. We're taught at such a young age to not waste our time with people who don't really care and who don't show us love. But I can definitely tell you after this weekend that I'm really glad that I went to ASU b/c Theresa and I would never have met; I would have missed out on so much. I'm a really lucky girl, and I try really hard to not take my friends for granted. And if you're reading this and you and I have just met, just began our friendship, trust me, you'll want to stick around for this ride. We have fun, we travel, we play jokes on each other, and we rip on each other like crazy. But I can tell you one thing, good friends are worth all the heartache, the fights, the shopping trips, the dinners, the movies, and the Law and Order at 3:00 in the morning. Theresa and I had the best time this weekend, no regrets, no fights, no heartache, but lots of shopping, lots of dinners, and some Law and Order. For everyone who's reading this who's far away from me now, I miss you and I hope that we keep up the friendship. And if you're here, and you live in Washington and I get to see you I'm really lucky. Lots of nice things are fun to have, but when all the electronics are outdated and the cars get boring and the alcohol gets boring if there's no one to drink it with, friendship is what lasts. Theresa will vouch for this, just ask her.


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