Friday, March 18, 2005

Vote for Pedro

Last night I received the last part of my Valentine's Day present. By the way I was told about the first part in the car with Theresa on the way back from Richmond, and I was so excited I was jumping. Alex bought me Garden State. If you haven't seen this movie, then I'll do a quick promo for you right now. This movie has a special quality, a subtle, quiet, uncomfortable feeling at first, but becomes this beautiful, sweet centered film. The actors are excellent, and reveal the inadequacies about being young and vulnerable in this country. Go see Garden State, better yet, don't even rent it first, this is a must have. So the second part of my present was given to me last night. Alex got me a "Vote for Pedro" tee-shirt. I'm so excited about this. If you've ever seen the Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, the "More Cow Bell" skit, then you would recognize Alex's "More Cowbell" tee-shirt and laugh. He wears it out in public and people see it and they laugh, they get it right there on the spot. So the "Vote for Pedro" shirt came out after "Napoleon Dynamite became a huge hit and I really wanted it. I walk around quoting the movie constantly. When Alex showed me the shirt last night I was very excited. Hopefully I'll get to wear it this weekend and make some people laugh. Vote for Pedro, he's your man!


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