Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cherry Blossoms

I know I already wrote a few entries ago about spring, but I cannot let this one go. Eric and Debi came into town this weekend and spent the weekend hanging with me and Alex, doing fun DC stuff. Part of the weekend was seeing the cherry blossom festival down by the basin. Hundreds of people went downtown to see these magnificent trees that spread all along the basin. The Jefferson Memorial was covered in people, and everyone was out and about, friendly and ready to grab a blanket and a beer and lay out under the trees all afternoon. We met some other friends downtown and it was a fun afternoon full of smiles and sweet glances, photographs and the wondrous smells. The springtime and the beautiful sky, everything was perfect. It's kind of like when you first fall in love and smiling non-stop. You don't understand why you can't stop smiling, and it's the best feeling in the world. Today was like that. Everything was the way it should be when great friends get together and hang out. The cherry blossoms we in perfect bloom, today was just an amazing sight. If you live in or near DC try to get downtown. They're an amazing sight, absolutely worth seeing.


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