Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Graduate School Must be for Dummies

So we're going back a bit to a previous entry where graduate school and the rest of Alli's life were all encompassed in one short passage. I finally received my rejection letter from Georgetown after they had denied admission three times over email. So mean! But the letter from Georgetown was a letter stating that I was denied from the Ph.D. program. Wow, that's interesting because I didn't apply to the Ph.D. program. Also over the weekend I received two letters from George Washington University. Both rejections. I was extremely confused as to why a university would need to waste time, money and some old lady's energy in the admissions department sending out two tiny envelopes. I opened the first letter and it was a rejection letter from GW's Masters in Economics program. Well now that's a relief, they're really lucky they denied me from that program, my math skills would run that program straight into the ground. But you have to remember...I did not apply to the school of economics. Then the second envelope was another rejection letter. It was from the program I actually applied to along with a letter explaining their mistake in sending a rejection letter for the economics program. Wow, wouldn't you think that schools like Georgetown and GW would be able to get their letters right? Guess not. It's comforting to know that the school I actually want to attend is more organized. Silly graduate schools making peoples' lives a living hell. However, if you can laugh about it and not take it too seriously then you're doing just fine. I'm thinking that graduate school must be for dummies if all they do is send out letters telling people they have been rejected from programs they didn't apply to. If that's the case, then quite possibly people are also being accepted to programs they didn't apply to. For all I know the administrations are completely a mess and nobody should go to graduate school ever. But a masters from American University seems right up my alley. Hopefully by the fall I'll have some answers.


Anonymous Matt Schuh said...

Haha, stupid grad schools! Last March, after being waitlisted at Ohio State I received a big envelope from them! "This is it" I thought. Upon opening the BIG ENVELOPE (we all know what the BIG ENVELOPE means!) I found a smaller envelope that contained an update I had sent them to my application in NOVEMBER! I'll say it again..."stupid grad schools!"

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