Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's Just a Great Week

Hi all...didn't want people to think I fell of the planet. Things are so great in D.C. right now. This great city, it's vibrant and it's exciting. I've just finished up my first graduate class and I'm still alive. That's a good sign. I have a take home final coming up, after that it's a little break before the stats class begins. I've got some cool things on the horizon. I'm a bridesmaid in Jacob's wedding which is in August. I've been helping Alexandra out with the wedding as much as I can over the phone and running errands for her, anything that I can help out with. And I'm working on finalizing my Europe trip. Yep, I'm going to Europe. I'm procrastinating at work so I got to get back to it. Later peeps.


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