Sunday, April 17, 2005

The New Age

This weekend was particularly fun. Lots of hanging out with friends and being outside in the beautiful weather. Saturday night Alex and I went to see Maroon 5 at Marriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland. It was an outside pavilion much like Blossom Music Center in Cleveland, or Cricket pavilion (formally known as Dessert Sky) in Phoenix. It was a pretty venue which backed up into the woods. Under the stars, sitting on a blanket, we waited in anticipation for the show to begin. It was a fun show and the biggest crowd that Maroon 5 has ever played for. I realized how much the world has changed in the moment prior to the encore. The lights went out in the entire pavilion and everyone started screaming and cheering for the band to come back on stage. Since it was completely dark everyone pulled out their cell phones to light up the place. I realized in that moment that when my parents were in their early 20's they used to pull out their lighters to light up the sky at concerts. Now in this day in age we don't pull out lighters, we just pull out our cell phones. The world has changed so much since our parents were in their early twenties. First lighters, now cell phones, what could possibly be next?


Anonymous Tamara said...

dude, i seriously had the same thought when i was at the last dmb show! maybe cuz everybody has a cell phone these days but not everybody smokes? every time i go to a show i curse at myself halfway there cuz i forgot to bring a lighter, but you know damn well i didn't forget my cell phone! not that i'm one of those cell-phone-encore people cuz that's just too bazare for me. then again, lighters burn your thumb.......

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