Friday, April 08, 2005

Oy Vey

Sometimes when I'm frustrated or confused I come up with Yiddish words which don't mean anything to people who aren't of Eastern European decent. Oy Vey is my favorite phrase because it covers all the bases. If I'm confused about something I can use it in the form of a question (ie: Oy Vey?) Pretty much rehtorical, not waiting for anyone to concure, mostly when talking to myself. I always use Oy Vey after someone tells me a story and the ending has some sort of down fall, I always feel bad for the person in the story and use Oy Vey as my form of sympathy. I know I know, I'm already an old Jewish grandma, but I can't help it. Anybody have another phrase that I could use instead I would greatly appreciate it.

I use it a lot at work...


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