Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring has Sprung

Well at last the winter has gone and the spring air has come to stay. The cherry blossoms will soon be in bloom and baseball has begun. There's something about spring that makes people fall in love again, something that makes people become friendly. The weather has a major affect on people's attitudes and lives, with the snow gone people are starting to come out of their shell. Spring is a time for outside play and Frisbees in the park, picnics on the front lawn of the house, and baseball bats in little kids' hands. I put on the flip flops for the first time yesterday since I moved to Washington, and you know what, they felt just like home. Comfortable back in what I know, what I like and how calm I feel when the weather is cooperating. I really need to make all my friends move from Cleveland, at least if you're going to stay in the cold, get yourself a new experience. But those flip flops are still molded to my feet and the comfort I feel when I put them on, well, there's just no place like home.


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