Thursday, April 14, 2005

Venus and Mars: The Gender Differences Continue

Thanks so John I have now been inspired to write my entry for this afternoon. Well, Mr. Messinger asked for it...girl-on-girl action. So the other day a friend of mine and I...yea right John in your dreams. My father reads this blog, are you kidding me.

Boys and girls, ahhhhh, the nature of God's most creative yet secretive creatures on the planet. The man who wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray is a complete nut job who hardly studied relationships and did not present his ideas in the book through any sort of theory.

Some background:

John Gray
Born in Houston, Texas, in 1951, after high school Gray attended St. Thomas University and the University of Texas. He spent nine years as a Hindu monk, working in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) organization in Switzerland, as personal assistant to its leader, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and obtained a Masters degree in Eastern Philosophy.

Back in the U.S., Gray became a doctoral student and received his Psychology and Human Sexuality from Columbia Pacific University in San Rafael, California. He is a certified family therapist.

Are you kidding me, a Monk telling people how they should live their lives. We need someone to tell us why guys crave girl-on-girl action, and why girls think that anything porn is portraying women in a poor and vulnerable fashion. Hey ladies, have you ever watched a porn, it shows both sexes in anything but a classy manner and makes both sexes look like pigs.

Gray is particularly insidious because he never presents his views as a theory, simply saying ‘this is the way things are’ (biological fact). His millions of readers, caught in a marketing storm, are blinded to the alternatives and the fact that gender roles are actually culturally conditioned. The ultimate aim of Gray – consciously or not – is to make women feel better about their subordinate place in a hegemonic masculine culture. However, women and men have one thing in common, both sexes are lost in the wilderness of life and sex, relationships and love. This book does not teach us about why we crave things like watching girl-on-girl action or romantic walks on the beach. We're on two different ends of the planet if you ask me. Dr. Gray would tell you that we're so different and that we'll never understand one another. However, I feel that if we work on compromising a little more and listening a little harder, maybe the boys will just tell us why they crave the lesbian action.

When it comes to understanding the male/female sex differences we still hit a brick wall. And I don't think we'll ever let our boyfriends talk us into girl-on-girl action nor will we talk them into watching Steel Magnolias. But save yourself from the book of many planets. The Monk shouldn't be giving out relationship advice.


Blogger johnny law said...

*snort* You're presupposing that my snarky "girl on girl action" comment had any deeper meaning than poking fun at your weblog title.

You do realize that the number of times you reference "girl on girl action", "lesbian action" and "porn" (7 actually) in your diatribe should garner you a fair amount of traffic based on Google searches.

You're welcome.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Alli said...

Well John, I used it a lot and it definitely got my point across. Now I have your attention.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Alex B. said...

Good job ripping on John Gray. Both my parents agree that he's a jackass who totally capitalized on a theory that a lot of other people already knew about. They would be proud!

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Tamara said...

girl, don't you read your cosmo?!? girl-on-girl action = two sets of boobs (4 boobs) and 2 girl butts. plus the potential that if they're willing to hook-up with each other at the request of a guy maybe they'll next let the guy in on the action and then he's the stud who's getting it on with two girls (who he maybe hopes will act as his sex-slaves). it's kind of like ice cream. vanilla good, chocolate good, chocolate and vanilla swirl mixed together so much better. but then again some people only like one or the other (chocolate or vanilla) and not both, so maybe those are the guys that don't like girl-on-girl action.

(on a side note, since alli says her dad reads this.........sorry if i said anything offensive!)

10:30 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

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