Monday, May 09, 2005

Lots of Good News

The weekend ended up being a blast. Kleinman and I had a great time. Partied in D.C. and hung around. Guster and Gin Blossoms were amazing, wish you all could have been there. Over the weekend great things happened. I found out on Friday that I got a B- in my grad class. And I'm super proud of it because it's a much harder school and its graduate level. I'm not sure if the B- is going to count toward the masters program that I'm seeking, but I'm super excited about it. On Saturday I went and interviewed for a job at a restaurant. I really need a second job. So I interviewed and got the job right there on the spot. It's hostessing at a small Italian restaurant in Cleveland Park. It's an awesome place to work, and my new boss seems really cool. Friday night Kleinman met some of the law school people. We went to the bar and totally danced and drank up a storm. Things are good here in D.C. and I'll let you know how the new job goes. I start tonight.


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