Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Yesterday afternoon I was taken through a fantastic experience. For the first time in my life I went for a massage. It was incredible. The woman who gave the massage had a soothing voice and an light presence about her. Although I felt more comfortable with the massage with each minute that passed, I felt slightly awkward at first. You go into a room filled with machines and cabinets for days, get naked and then lie on a table underneath the most comfortable sheets imaginable. Then the masseur enters the room and turns on soothing music and preps all her lotions and potions. After coming to grips with being completely naked underneath these sheets with a woman in the room that I had never met, I soon began to relax and let the tension in my back subside. I closed my eye, having prepared myself for the butt and legs to be massaged, my body fell into this scene of lightness and ease. Since preparing myself for the full body massage I was not weirded out by the butt and legs portion. I feel so great today, revitalization suites me well.

I've decided the only way one can go and enjoy a massage is to be comfortable with your body and not be nervous to let people touch you. It's one of the greatest experiences I've ever had.


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