Monday, June 06, 2005

14 Hour Days

The days get longer, I get more tired, but the second job is paying off. Things at the Restaurant are going smoothly. I go in, do my job, and keep the cheerleader smile on till at least 10:00p.m. Organization is the key to keeping my schedule straight.

Instead of constantly thinking about how much I"m working, I'm thinking a lot about my trip to Europe that's coming up next month. My first vacation since I was 15. No more summer sessions or winter sessions for school, I'm taking this hard working girl to Europe for 8 days. So much to look forward to this summer. I'm working on a trip to Phoenix to spend a weekend with Theresa. Europe. Milwaukee in August.

I have to keep a positive outlook through all these long hours, otherwise I'll let the fast-paced city swallow me whole. No way, not this girl.


Blogger Sarah said...

Ugh...14 hour days. Sounds like my typical teaching days!!!

12:07 AM  

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