Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Tribe Time

The Cleveland Indians have been on a hot streek of late. Before losing to Boston 10-9 late last night, the win streek was 9 in a row. C.C. Sabathia gave up a whole bunch of runs to which he later discussed as letting down the team. The Tribe hasn't won that many in a row since 2002, and the young boys in Cleveland are beginning to pick up the pace. Jake Westbrook helped push the team to nine straight. The guys are excited, they're hitting, and the smiles keep making their way to home plate in the 9th inning. Somehow this team has shot themselves back into the lime light. The Red Soxs are powerful, but the Indians are pumped and ready to take on the world tonight. These guys are excited for whatever's next. Cleveland Still Rocks, bring it on Boston.


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