Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finally...I'm in the home stretch

Just like my Indians, I'm coming down the home stretch, looking for the sun, the light at the end of the tunnel, some sort of indication that I'm almost finished with this endless work-day, 75 hour a week life.

I finally did it, I accepted a fabulous job, at a corporate law firm just outside the district. I'm going to be helping to head up Human Resources, and learning all about HR and it's many ins and outs.

This is my last week at Phi Beta Kappa and Palena. Soon I will be on to more opportunities that were hidden from me in all the hours I was putting in. It's like trading in the old life, for a new one. I can see my friends again, have time every night to chill out, make dinner, watch my Gilmore Girls, Law and Order, and the rest of my TV lineup. I'm going to start going out at a reasonable hour, and not having to show up at parties at 11:45pm with my change of clothes after working an 18 hour day. Hey man, if you want to see your friends, you gotta figure out a something.

Getting rid of the old jobs means bringing in the new one. I was also found by a girl my age who asked me to join their adult precision skating team out in Maryland. Practice is one night a week and I'll do one freestyle session a week, and getting back into skating was part of this "getting a new job" plan. Now I can skate, work, be with my friends, and see my boyfriend. Boy, I don't even have to tell you how excited Alex is to get his girlfriend back. You know your schedule is really bad when you're boyfriend is in law school, you're not, and your schedule is more ridiculous then his. Now that's just crazy talk.

Sorry if these updates on my life are really boring. I haven't had time to write in my journal in a while, and usually I try to save the blog for more stupid/funny/ridiculous everyday life encounters. But it is what it is.


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