Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sports to the Endth Degree

This title really explains the craziness going on in mid September. Baseball begins to wined down, while the NFL season has just gotten underway. We have hockey schedules being posted on websites, while College football takes up every ounce of every Saturday until the beginning of winter.

This past Saturday my Sun Devils went out onto their home field and sweated and toiled until the very last play. There was amazing defense along side some amazing catches. One mistake cost Arizona State the game. But they went out there and really gave it their all. And in the end, can you really be overly pissed that ASU lost to a team that now has nowhere to practice or a home to go back to. Not so much.

My Cleveland Indians are another team working their tushies off this week. The baseball season has been one for the record books. Everyone in every division is playing extremely well this year. Even if you're team is in the NL east, even the team in last place is playing well. The NL west isn't doing that great, but they're all pretty close to each other in terms of how they're playing and their records to date. But my Tribe is on a tear. The Yankees and the A's are contenders for the wild card along side the Indians. Cleveland is up a game and a half on the A's and only one game up on the Yankees, but we're playing the A's this week. We need to keep the momentum going and win against the A's. We're six games back from Chicago in the division and the only way we're going to overcome their hitting is to beat them in the last six games which are coming up shortly. If a few other teams can put away a couple of wins against Chicago, that would really be a huge help to the Indians. If Cleveland could beat up on the A's for the next couple games, and Chicago could lose a few, we'd be in really good shape. Anything to keep the Yankees from getting into the playoffs. Other teams getting a chance to move on and move up in the eyes of baseball fans all around the country is really what's best for the game. If the Yankees keep nudging their way into the post season, it just makes every team's momentum concentrate on beating up on the Yankees. But we'll all have to keep watching to find out who gets the wild card spot. Baseball really is the all American sport which brings people together of all ages. It really is the greatest game on earth.

My Cleveland Browns lost on Sunday, hoping to bring themselves back to life this coming weekend.

Hopefully Cleveland can keep all their athletes pumped up and ready to kick a little ass. Can't kick any ass without concentration and a lot of enthusiasm. Bring on the week of Sports madness, it's time to show people why Cleveland really Rocks.


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