Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well...It's been a year

It's already fall again. Not that anyone would be able to tell by the weather we're having. Please God, a few more days of this beautiful weather, and I'll shovel all the snow you ask of me. But once again, the weather is changing and so many other things in my life.

My perspective of this city has gone through many changes, and currently I'm feeling as though D.C. only finds a place for you if you push yourself to become part of it.

I lived with my adult cousins when I first got here. Then to an apartment that ended up becoming the worst living experience. The building I moved into was built in 1939 and the floors were never insulated. There was no carpet or sanding to redo the floors. The laminate was pealing from the moment I signed my lease. Along with cracks in the paint job all over the walls. I received noise complaints about me on nights I didn't sleep at home and while I was in Europe for part of the summer. I'm barely home and I work two jobs, so someone please explain to me why this place thought i was making the noise. So I stopped using my hairdryer and my alarm clock. I tried to never walk around in shoes. And apparently walking around in my slippers woke up the woman underneath me at 7:00am on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I refused to live like this anymore. I recently, within the past week have moved into my new building. New building, carpet, my own washer and dryer, lots of storage, and a dishwasher and garbage disposal. I'm a happy girl. I feel like my new apartment is a hotel. It's really frickin cool.

One another note...I have also taken another step in improving my work situation. I have been searching around for new jobs. I have interviewed like crazy and was finally given two offers. I needed to get out of my office and things just aren't working out there. My boss doesn't understand how to be mindful of what others are doing, and I can't work some place where people treat you like a kid instead of an employee. So I'm going to be moving into the HR field. Working as an HR associate to help thin out the work load at a prestigious law firm. I'm going to be working with tons of different things everyday, being mentored with hopes of moving up quickly. The women I'm going to be working with are great, and I'm anxious to get my feet wet.

I gave notice at the apartment, and then moved. And I got a great new job, and gave notice to quit the other two. So now I only will have to work one job. I can't wait to see my friends, relax and go to happy hour after work.

One piece of advice for other DCers...Don't run yourself down to the point where nobody wants to spend time with you. It's not worth losing your friends, family, or your mind over. It's just life and you only get to do it once. Can't live it up if you're working all the time.


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