Friday, November 11, 2005

This and That

Having control over your own life, making it fun, making crazy, making wild and exhausting, exhilarating, I have found my fun again. I have also found my friends again too. Helping to write a cookbook, in the middle of writing a script, figure skating on a Syncro team and doing some recreational freestyle sessions, and just hanging out with my friends again. My new job is going well and the people are fabulous. It's hard to do your job when you're working some place you hate. But when you love where you're working, things just seem to flow. I'm working in HR doing anything and everything that needs to be done. I'm learning how to run an office. My friends' lives are changing all the time, and keeping up with everybody gets more difficult. But I have to say, as you get old and life gets harder, you call your friends more and more everyday for support and guidance. Sometimes it's imperative to ask for help. And there's no shame in that.