Monday, December 12, 2005

Alli's List of You know It's Winter When....

I've got lots going on, but I'd rather share another favorite list of mine with the rest of the world. So if anyone's listening here's a short list of my favorite things that make you know it's definitely winter outside.

You know it's winter when:

1. People start falling off their roofs while trying to put up Christmas lights (wow, Jews are so smart, I guess we know better)
2. People start heading to NYC to go ice skating (such good memories of last year...)
3. You fall as you're walking up the steps into your apartment/house and you have no idea why (yeah, that black ice really sucks huh?)
4. The only thing on your stomach's mind is grilled cheese and tomatoe soup
5. When the boots come out of the closet for the first time this year
6. When you can see your breath in the air and people look at you like, "when the hell did that kid start smoking?"
7. When you flip the switch from your air conditioner to HEAT
8. When you hear your friends who moved to cold climates complain that it's always below freezing
9. You reach for your nose and you can't find it cause you have no feeling in your face
10. All you want to do is sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this one. I know, I make lists of too many things...but I thought this one was a good one to share for it being the middle of December.

Catch ya on the flip side...


Blogger Theresa said...

Why you gotta rip on Christians and our lights huh? You were pretty darn excited to put on our tree topper. :p

Love ya!

2:21 PM  
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Blogger MissSummerLee said...

hey there cutie!! lol...loved your list... i totally agree. OK not ashamed to admit that I love my long underwear and i would be freezing here in Paris without it! yay for fun!

PS- I have a blog now... you inspired me to get one too! if you are interested it is ttfn

12:52 PM  
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